How Many Times Should You Play Poker Tournaments To Become An Expert?

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Poker tournaments results and schedules for upcoming events, as well as chip counts and updates for major events.

Are you an amateur poker player who wants to make it to the big leagues?

However, you do not know how to train properly for that?

Poker tournaments are there just for this very reason.

There are plenty of poker tournaments occurring all around the world.

These range from multiple online tournaments to high-rolling casino tournaments.

Each tournament features tens of thousands of players to as few as just two players.

Additionally, players get prize money based on their performances.

Interestingly, players can never cash out the chips offered in these tournaments.

Instead, tournament organizers can only use the poker chips to determine a particular player’s position.

Entering A poker tournament

If you are confident in your poker skills, you must enter some poker tournaments.

As a result, you’ll get some great experience. But, how do you enter a poker tournament?

The most common way you can enter a typical tournament is through buy-ins.

A buy-in is a sum of fixed money that you and everyone else need to pay.

In return, you will get a certain amount of poker chips.

Now you can use these to advance in the tournament.

The starting chips are generally an integer multiple of the buy-in amount.

On the other hand, freerolls are free tournaments.

In other words, you do not need to pay the buy-in money to play in the tournament.

Playing & Betting Formats

Of course, you have to know about the different betting and playing formats in poker tournaments.

The ‘Freeze-out’’ format is the most popular. In this format, players are a part of a dynamic pool.

Organizers will move them to another table if they lose.

Redundant tables are closed, and the number of total tables shrinks. In the end, the winner is selected from the final table.

Some tournaments prefer the ‘shoot-out’ format. Around 10 players play at a single table.

The player who survives after everyone’s elimination goes to the next round.

Again, a final table consists of individual table winners. The final table determines the winner.

Organizers use different betting formats. There is a fixed-limit structured system where tournament organizers restrict the bets and raise to a specific limit.

However, this limit increases as the tournament progresses.

Alternatively, many tournaments use the semi-structured system.

This system allows for increased raises. But there is a catch.

For instance, a player cannot raise less than the previous player raised.

Finally, a few tournaments have no limits or an unstructured system.

It is pretty evident that in this system, there are no limits.

The players are more than welcome to bet and raise as much as they want.

How many times should you play Poker Tournaments to become experts?

Even though many people still think that poker is a game of luck, it is a game of skills.

Like most card games, you cannot simply become an expert by playing a set number of poker tournaments.

Moreover, you are playing against other people, who are equally skilled, if not more.

Thus, you must study and prepare yourself accordingly.

Firstly, you need to realize that you will gradually become an expert through study and experience.

You cannot simply play a fixed number of tournaments and become an expert.

There is no guarantee that you will need the same number of tournaments as someone else.

According to many experts, you should find the correct playing and studying ratio.

Studying poker games is very important. You should go over your gameplay and learn from other players.

Even if you have participated in a tournament and lost, go over it to learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes, it helps if you have a knowledgeable mentor.

Analyzing different plays and runs is an excellent way to gather expertise.

In case you don’t have a mentor, you can play online poker games.

Playing such online games and sims can help you gain a vast amount of knowledge about poker.

Another effective way to become an expert is to play different poker formats.

If you only focus on one form, you are restricted.

Regularly playing different poker variants will most certainly help you gain more skills.


For the most part, poker is a very enjoyable game.

However, many people think that the gap between amateurs and professionals is too broad.

As a matter of fact, this is not true. With just a few tweaks and dedicated analysis, you can easily close this gap and become an expert.

The secret to your poker success is to grind away every day and play as many poker games and tournaments as possible.

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